Multicultural Australia’s

As our society becomes increasingly multicultural, we need measures that ensure the needs of all individuals and communities are met.

Multicultural Australia’s Culturability Accreditation is a framework that ensures organisations reflect the communities they serve and are inclusive, welcoming, and intentional about creating a sense of belonging for staff and service users of diverse backgrounds.

Through the process of in-depth research, community engagement and practical application, a set of standards have been developed to give organisations guidance on how they can meaningfully achieve welcome, connection, inclusion, and multiculturalism in their spaces – and be recognised for their contribution to building a society that is more equitable and culturally intelligent.

How does it work?

Culturability Accreditation includes five standards that assess organisational diversity and inclusion policies and practices. The standards encompass 13 criteria and 54 indicators used to determine whether the needs of employees and service users are being met and, if not, what requirements and recommendations can be implemented.

Organisational capability

The workforce

Community engagement

Welcoming and safe spaces

Diversity and inclusion in service delivery

Who is it for?

Developed to meet the needs of organisations diverse in size and industry, Culturability Accreditation is both accessible and scalable. The standards provide an opportunity for organisations to identify their areas of strength and areas and where they can improve regarding their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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